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CSI | Applied CSR | Environmental protection

An active strategy for permanently improving environmental protection is a success factor for any company’s commercial prospects. Additionally, environmental pro-tection may imply an improved reputation, opportunities to reduce your operating costs and the potential to create new markets and services.

The carbon footprint

CSI can assist in evaluating the carbon footprint of products as well as using this as an instrument for optimising the energy input along the value chain. Products, processes and transportation are three key areas for acting on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions where we provide ongoing support and expertise.

WWF’s Low Carbon Manufacturing Programme (LCMP)

CSI is accredited by the WWF Low Carbon Manufacturing Programme (LCMP), enabling us to provide organisations with a measurement of effectiveness in reducing carbon emissions and equip them with best practice in greenhouse gas management. 

Environmental Quick Scan (EQS)

The purpose of the EQS is to help improve the fulfilment of practices which are more respectful to the environment along the supply chain, while considering the actions that can be undertaken in order to reduce the impact of production processes.

Environmental Management System (EMS)

A set of management tools and principles designed to guide the allocation of resources, assignment of responsibilities and ongoing evaluation of practices, procedures and processes that a company needs in order to integrate environmental concerns into its daily business operation. These services help businesses integrate environmental concerns into their daily activities so they can use energy and other resources efficiently, better manage media attacks, practice product and process responsibility and integrate worker safety and health requirements.

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