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CSI | Applied CSR | Productivity enhancement

Expanding global markets demand higher quality and better value for money. Companies are reacting by scanning their supply chains for cost saving options. CSI offers various practical measures to evaluate and enhance a company's and its manufacturers' productivity and efficiency in order to find out what possible costs can be saved. By building a basis for continuous improvement, an effective company can be attained.

Productivity Quick Scan (PQS)

Evaluates the productivity potential for all workers with direct influence on the production process. The PQS is the first step taken to evaluate the effective performance and realistic potential of a manufacturers’ current level of productivity as well as prioritising possible measures.

Productivity Development Programme (PDP)

The Productivity Development Programme follows the PQS as a second step targeting four key areas in any factory where efficiency enhancements are essential:

– Staffing requirements

– Production planning

– Production processes

– Quality control management systems

Productivity Toolkit

A comprehensive and integrated approach combining standards for social responsibility in the supply chain. It is a low-key approach (part of the extensive Productivity Development Programme), but also available as a separate service in the form of a set of documents to develop and help improve the productivity level of a factory.

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