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CSI | Applied CSR

Applied CSR – our straightforward and effective business model for managing Corporate Social Responsibility. As a consultant with longstanding experience in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we offer systematic sustainability solutions to international brands. With a comprehensive understanding of sustainable management, we help to balance the main assets of your business: people, process, profits and planet at home and along the supply chain. For seven years we have provided pragmatic solutions for brands, retailers and agencies.

Our Applied CSR approach ensures that the needs of our clients are the measure for our services in consultancy and conceptual work. CSI's core service areas constitute the following:


CSI supports companies in establishing sustainable programmes aimed at ensuring social responsibility in the supply chain. We believe the key to success lies in the approach taken to develop and improve both suppliers and manufacturers, as well as to focus on the process and management side. These evaluations can be conducted on an individual company's code of conduct or an established standard such as SA8000. CSI is licensed by WRAP to conduct qualifications and accredited by

BSCI in offering a social inherent to our Applied CSR approach are the intensive work undertaken at the factory level and our individual tailor-made development programmes.

An active strategy for improving environmental protection is a success factor for any company’s commercial prospects. CSI can assist in evaluating your carbon footprint with the help of WWF’s Low Carbon Manufacturing Programme. Our Environmental Quick Scan and Environmental Management System will help improve the fulfilment of practices which are more respectful to the environment.

Expanding global markets demand higher quality and better value for money. Companies are reacting by scanning their supply chains for cost saving options. CSI offers various practical measures to evaluate and enhance a company's and its manufacturers' productivity and efficiency in order to find out what possible costs can be saved. By building a basis for continuous improvement, an effective company can be attained.

With frequent attacks on a company’s reputation, brand and image, risk assessment strategies are increasingly a driver for sustainable reform. The communication of a sustainability report provides a company with the opportunity to exert its own message with some degree of influence. The demand for increased transparency and accountability will increase the need for improved sustainability reporting and disclosure of information. As a certified training partner for the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), CSI can help organisations understand what their sustainability challenges, opportunities and risks are.

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