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CSI | Applied CSR | Sustainability reporting

With frequent attacks on a company’s reputation, brand and image, risk assessment strategies are increasingly a driver for sustainable reform. The communication of a sustainability report provides a company with the opportunity to exert its own message with some degree of influence.

Reporting on sustainability performance enables an organisation to measure, track and improve its sustainable development, which allows it to manage an issue more effectively. Furthermore, sustainability reporting is a proactive approach to reputational risk management. The demand for increased transparency and accountability will increase the need for improved sustainability reporting and disclosure of information.

Sustainability report

As a certified training partner for the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), CSI can help organisations understand what their sustainability challenges, opportunities and risks are. The contribution of GRI in advancing sustainable development, is the construction of the most widely used reporting framework to help organisations measure, understand, improve and report on their sustainability performance. Sustainability reports

based on the GRI framework can be used to benchmark organisational performance with respect to laws, norms, codes, performance standards and voluntary initiatives.

A sustainability report not only enhances an organisation’s image, but it has the potential to stimulate CSR implementation, attract investment, improve risk management, management performance and elite workers, promote innovation and finally strengthen communication with the company’s external environment.

GRI training

CSI also provides GRI certified trainings in Chinese speaking countries through which we allow participants to obtain a better understanding of the GRI framework and prepare participants to understand and coordinate the GRI G3 sustainability reporting process. CSI provides experi-enced consultation on the latest development of sustainability reporting activities and proven support in drawing up a clear plan for undertaking reporting, setting up sustainable targets, acting as a facilitator in stakeholder dialogues and in guiding a company until the launch of the report – creating greater transparency and understanding.

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