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‘Circular Economy is required, not tomorrow but today. Now!’

February 2021
On Thursday, 25 February 2021, CSI and the Dutch Government held a digital event, Circular Solutions Now. The purpose of the event was to shed light on how to initiate circular supply chains. The event had nearly 200 registrations from across the globe and was attended by people from notable brands, suppliers and organisations in the fashion and textile industry.

The event started with a welcoming message by Mr WouterPlomp, Ambassador of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Islamabad. Panalists included Mr Karl Borgschulze, Managing Director of CSI, Mr Ralf Hellman, Managing Director of Dibella, Mr ZakiSaleemi, Vice President of CBL, Mr Usman Shafi, Executive Director of CTM and Ms Roosmarie Ruigrok, Coordinator of the Denim Deal.

The webinar provided a platform to share practical solutions for making circularity work in the real-life businesses like home-textiles and denim. Speakers from diverse backgrounds discussed the opportunities and challenges that arise in the process. The main theme of the event was ‘closing the loop’. Dibella, the provider of the post-consumer waste (PCW) to be recycled shared their thoughts on their holistic approach to sustainability. They go by the slogan on ‘long life textile’. Dibella shared their logistical challenges. Mr Saleemi presented their results of recycling testing and shared their successful experience of recycling table napkins into a sustainable pair of denim jeans. However, CTM was unable to achieve the final product as the high quality that is required in home textiles was difficult to produce by recycling PCW. Moreover, the speakers from the House of Denim shared their thoughts behind initiating the Amsterdam Denim Deal.

Furthermore, recommendations and opportunities in circularity for European and Pakistani companies were discussed. The event opened doors for further in-depth discussions on the topic.