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Article in Leather News India

August 2017

Sustainability Development and New Requirments for India’s Leather Industrie.

Both global brands and retailers and local manufacturers of leather and leather goods in India are facing increasing requirements to make products and production processes more sustainable. End consumers, e.g. in Europe and the USA, are demanding transparency about the origin of materials and inputs in leather footwear and leather goods. A growing number of consumers predicate their decision to purchase on whether these products have been produced under sustainable conditions. New stakeholder initiatives either carried by international non-governmental organisations, like Greenpeace Detox, or by a group of brands and retailers, such as Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) or the German Partnership for Sustainable Textiles have raised the bar for the industry to meet social and environmental standards.

This development is likely to translate into new regulations and enhanced legal requirements. By meeting these requirements pro-actively, India’s leather supply chain can gain a competitive advantage over other markets.