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Consulting Brands and Retailers in the Area of Sustainability along Global Supply Chains
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Consulting Service International

Consulting Service International (CSI) is an international advisory firm with long-standing experience and extensive network in Asia, Europe and the world. Headquartered in Hong Kong and represented on three continents, CSI has practical and direct experience in Asian sourcing markets. Its team of skilled consultants develops practical industry solutions in the areas of sustainability, supply chain management and compliance. As initiator of the Partnership for Compliance, CSI works together with diverse partners to develop future-ready solutions with a focus on sustainability, innovation and communication.

Management in Accordance

Management in Accordance (MiA) has many years of experience in building management systems for more sustainability in business processes. This relates to brand companies, importers and retailers. In addition, we have diverse experience in supply chains from the cotton field to ready-to-wear and in sourcing markets in Europe, North Africa and Asia.


CSI Ltd. – Headquarters

43/F, AIA Building,
183 Electric Road, North Point,
Hong Kong

+852 23631019