Sustainability Management Training Courses
Building sustainability in-house capacities!

The Sustainability Imperative:
Transition Your Business in a
Changing World

The business landscape is rapidly evolving. Sustainability is no longer an optional add-on or niche concern for a business but is now a cornerstone of strategic business planning, risk mitigation and value creation. The need to respond to climate change, other pressing environmental and social challenges, increased mandatory sustainability regulations, customer demands and stakeholder expectations are driving a fundamental shift on how business should be done. Companies are now accountable for their social and environmental impact, facing increasing scrutiny from regulators and stakeholders alike.

The Sustainability Imperative: Transition Your Business in a Changing World

Fast Track Sustainability! Sustainability Management Training Courses

Global expertise delivered locally speeding up your sustainability knowledge at your place of business!

Close the Sustainability
Knowledge Gap

We deliver sustainability knowledge customised for your business that will empower your workforce with the skills they need to thrive in a sustainable economy.

Reduce Risk, Drive Results: In-House Sustainability Training

Achieve real sustainability progress with targeted training and ensure legal compliance for your business.

Fast Track Sustainability! Sustainability Management Training Courses

Course 01

Core Principles of Sustainability

Course 02

Materiality & Risk Management

Course 03

Enhancing Sustainable Supply Chains

Course 04

Strategic Sustainability Communication

Global presence & local impact

We are where it matters!

With our headquarters in Hong Kong and branch offices in Bangladesh, India, Australia, Germany, and Singapore, we have immediate and direct access to major production centres and procurement markets in Asia.

Combining local experience, qualified cross-cultural sustainability experts, and practical in-depth knowledge about international supply chains, we develop and implement pragmatic solutions for our customers to sustainably source products, components, and raw material in Asia.

Our Team – Sydney, Australia 

Gregor Aschoff (MBA & MSc)

Senior Sustainability Consultant, Risk Management

Gregor's expertise is ESG risk management, sustainable digitalization (digital tools to collect, monitor and evaluate sustainability metrics), and legal compliance in a globalized context including sustainability reporting.

As a managing director for German companies and a member of the board of a listed company in Australia, Gregor has a strong connection and extensive knowledge in the area of corporate governance.

Gregor has an MBA degree (International Management) and is an engineer (Master of Science) as well as an additional qualification from the “Australian Institute of Company Directors”.

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