Business Needs & Regulations

The requirements and expectations of current age

New challenges for Brands and Retailers impacting global supply chain management

Legislators, financial markets, business partners and civil society demand more rigorous compliance and information on sustainability in global supply chains.

Sustainability performance has a direct impact on a company’s performance and is becoming a trademark, a marketing tool and a sales argument.

Given the inevitable development towards stricter regulations and increased stakeholder expectations, sustainability has become the license to operate.

Face new challenges with a partnership approach

Only With a Strong Network of Partners Can We Respond to Ever-changing Framework Conditions Quickly and Flexibly

In order to be able to meet current and future requirements regarding compliance and sustainability, it is important to build good partnerships with your suppliers and an effective communication infrastructure.

Given the current volatility and uncertainty of the environment and time we operate in, a partnership-approach is imperative.

Legislator, OECD, EU, United Nations
  • Increase in sustainability related laws worldwide
  • Obligations to report about sustainability & CSR in the EU/other countries
  • National Action Plans for business and human rights
  • OECD guidelines for Multinational enterprises
  • ILO core labour standards
  • UN resolutions, e.g. on human rights or the sustainable development goals(SDG)
Financial Markets
  • Sustainability ratings before lending (with influence on interest rate) and for insurance premiums
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) rating and ratings of listed companies
  • Evidence for risk management systems
  • Demand for regular reporting in the areas of CSR and sustainability
Business Partners
  • Demand for evidence of systematic sustainability management, e.g. through, CSR reporting, audits, product review etc.
  • Establishment of sustainability seals of product labels
  • Development of socially and environmentally (more) compatible products
  • First approaches to circular economy
Consummers, NGOs and Civil Society
  • Transparency and traceability of origin, conditions of production and product safety
  • Compliance with sustainability standards
  • Demand for evidence of systematic sustainability management
  • Increased demand for socially and environmentally friendly products
  • Negative headlines and media coverage

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Sustainability is the licence to operate