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We Support You in Establishing a Sustainability Management System

Risk Analysis Data
Countries, Industries
Materials, Processes
Supply Chain Transparency
Risk Analysis Suppliers
Policy Statement
Customer-specific Statement
Supplier Training
Employee Education and Training
BAFA Questionnaires
Complaints Procedure
System Structure and Support for Complaints
§3 Due Diligence
  • Supporting the implementation of all due diligence obligations:
  • Risk Management
  • Risk Analysis
  • Preventive Measures
  • Remedial Action
  • Documentation
  • etc
§4 Management System
  • Training human rights officers with German university certification
  • Establishing a basic sustainability management system for the LKSG
§5 Risk Analysis
  • We carry out the risk analysis:
  • Countries
  • Industries
  • Materials
  • Processes
  • Suppliers
§ 6 Policy Statement and Prevention Measures
  • The preparation of the policy statement
  • Workshops on all core aspects of the LKSG with the certificate
  • Training staff at the suppliers along the supply chain
  • All relevant colour sheets for the implementation of the control measures
§7 Remedial Action
  • Preparation of remedial action plans, and CAP follow-up support
§8 Complaints Procedure
  • Training grievance managers
  • Providing support in setting up the grievance management system
§9 Indirect Suppliers
  • Supporting with customised questionnaires regarding transparency along the supply chain
§10 Documentation
  • Evaluating data and supporting the preparation of documentation and BAFA documents
For Suppliers / Supply Chain
Supplier Development
  • Supplier Basic Qualification
  • Supplier Intensive Qualification
  • Advanced Supplier Development Programme
  • Key positions along the supply chain
  • Informative workshop on LKSG and future requirements of the company
  • Subject-specific workshops in the areas of design, materials/processes, laws/international requirements, etc.
Supplier Assessment as Part of Risk Management
  • Baseline assessment
  • CAP Follow-up monitoring and support
  • Online self-assessment